Mbano yeMatemavi

The story of Mbano Manor Hotel and the meaning behind the name.

Our story

Mbano Manor Hotel is the inspiring brainchild of Zimbabwe-born Martha Mati Nyazema, a tourism professional and global businesswoman. Mati’s career in tourism includes senior positions in the airline, hotel and convention centre businesses. A small area in the hotel lounge is dedicated to the rich meaning and significance of the hotel name, Mbano.

As narrated by the hotel founder and Director, Mati Nyazema

Welcome to the new Mbano Manor Hotel at Victoria Falls. I am delighted to share this wonderful and special experience of hospitality characterised by rest, relaxation and restoration of the body, mind and soul.

I have cherished fond memories of Victoria Falls dating to an early school trip arranged by my father who was the Headmaster of Salisbury 6th School (later named Gwinyai School) in Harare township.

The Mbano Manor Hotel project is not just a three- year story of development, but rather the embodiment of a centuries old celebration of rich African cultural history.

Mbano Manor Hotel Director & Owner Mati Nyazema on a memorable family visit to Victoria Falls with her father the late EPC Rukanzakanza and sister Pet Joy (left).

Mbano Matemavi

Mbano Matemavi is our clan.

Matemavi is our totem (mutupo).

Mbano is our praise name (chidawo).

The African elephant (nzou) is the animal symbol for the Mbano Matemavi clan.

Mbano as a Praise Name

The clan is the core of every Shona chiefdom, among the tribes of Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. It is a group of agnatically (male descendant) related kinsmen and women who trace their descent from a common founding ancestor. The foundations of the totems are inspired in poems that reference the history of the totem. Every clan is identified by a particular totem and praise name.

Nhetembo yeMbano

Evo Nzou, Makunda, Maita Mbano, evo Musiyiwa,
Mwoyowevhu, zvaitwa Madzorera.
Maita zvenyu vomuGoromonzi, vokwaChikwaka.
Zvaitwa vemvuto chena, vomuDzimwe.
Maita Matemavi, Mbano yangu yiyi.
Chiuya chinenge mukaka, Chinodyiwa navasina meno,
Mhuka isina mutumbi, Chiuya chavachafema.
Maita vari pamhiri paNhora, Vari Dzimwe, muGoromonzi,
VokwaChikwaka, VaChivakanamabwe, Kuvaka nomuti unosakara
Kana kudyiwa nomuchenje.
Maita zvenyu vari Mutiwaora.
Waita waCheza naBenhura, Zvaitwa maKorekore, VaChipahomwoyo.
Aiwa tatenda Musenda, Zvaitwa, zvaonekwa vari Dzimwe.

Mbano Praise Poem

Hail Mbano, hail the elephant.

We praise you and we thank you for your achievement.

We give thanks to your great ancestors from whom you descend.

You hail from different places, from hills and valleys afar.

Thank you for your great deeds, you have made us and the ancestors proud.

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